Chabad Schools International 
There are 185 Chabad early childhood centers, 82 Chabad elementary schools, 40 high schools, and 27 schools of higher learning in the United States and Canada. That is an enrollment of over 22,000 Jewish students a year. This only represents about 13 percent of all children attending orthodox Jewish day schools. Keeping track of this information requires constant communication and cooperation with each individual school and their administrative personnel.

Consultations and Visitation 
Over the years Rabbi Kaplan, the director of the Chinuch Office, has arranged teams of hired professionals to evaluate schools all over the United States and Canada. These evaluations may range from 2-3 hours, to as long as a full day. In such evaluations Rabbi Kaplan’s team gathers information to help form constructive plans to better improve each school and their education system.

Early Childhood Education programs
The Chinuch Office helps Shluchim to create new Early Childhood programs and centers in a variety of ways, such as, setup, organization, and even planning curriculum. These centers provide an opportunity to educate and impact young parents and their children.

Yeshiva high schools assistance 
The Chinuch Office provides assistance to communities wishing to open new Jewish day schools by providing advice on; personnel placement, curriculum development, and achieving accreditation. The Chinuch office additionally assists new alternative Yeshiva high schools in making their educational programs more openly accessible to all Jewish students.