The P.T.A

An active, cohesive and supportive P.T.A is an essential ingredient in a well run school. For an institution to be successful it must correctly perceive the needs of the community it serves, it must strive to meet those needs and involve the community in that pursuit. The P.T.A is, in most cases, the best vehicle to achieve those goals. 

Many principals have found the P.T.A the best way to keep informed of the needs, wishes and general direction of a community. A representative group is in many ways a microcosm of the community and as such can be tremendously helpful in providing information and a crosspollination of ideas. The P.T.A can be a sounding board and help principal anticipate community reaction to a policy or decision in making.

Furthermore, the P.T.A has, in most schools become the vehicle to involve the parent body, and community at large, in school activities. 

In some schools, the P.T.A is actively involved in the administration, while in others its role is merely to be supportive to the principal. Whatever the case, the principal needs to see the P.T.A as an instrument which can help make his/her school a success. 

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