Message from the Director  

(INSERT SCHOOL NAME) is a religious Hebrew Day school providing a well-rounded, current, dual curriculum for children nursery through eighth grades. Our objective is to inculcate in our children the religious values, morals, and principals of Orthodox Judaism and to emphasize the broad spectrum of secular knowledge they may need to succeed in our modern society.

Our school is accredited by the Department of Education of the State of (INSERT STATE).  

The (SCHOOL NAME) faculty consists of highly qualified and dedicated educators. The general studies teachers are certified by the state of (INSERT STATE) and selected from among dozens of applicants. They are devoted to the school's philosophy, well trained and experienced in both individual and group instruction.

The Judaic studies staff is chosen from Hebrew teacher seminaries and institutions of higher Jewish learning. Moreover, they serve as living examples of involved Torah Jews. Their success is due in part to their selfless devotion to perpetuating Jewish knowledge and life.  

Welcome to our (SCHOOL NAME). We trust your children will enjoy a successful year, and the parents will enjoy a year of Nachas.

Following is a handbook of school policies, regulations and requirements. Please review them and keep the calendar handy for easy reference.


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