Join us for our 21st Summer Chinuch Conference taking place from August 15th-16th at the ARMON hotel in Stamford, CT.

Our Chinuch conferences provide a complete immersion into Chinuch, where educators and speakers come to share their insight, their difficulties, and to offer solutions. Our attendees will gain a variety of skills such as tools to use in their classroom, how to be a more effective educator, and insight into how children learn. Those who join will also receive credits toward a Merkos Teacher's License.

One of the major themes of this summer's Chinuch conference will be using Social Emotional Learning to further the development of Midos Tovos in children. This is an important initiative because it teaches children how to develop supportive relationships as well as social and emotional skills, which are integral to successful learning.

Our new curriculum, developed by noted Mechanech Rabbi Levi Feldman and renowned psychologist Dr. Fried, will be introduced at the conference and implemented in schools throughout the year.

On the Program

Dr. AH. Fried

  • Integrating Social-Emotional Learning Principles Successfully in Classrooms 


Dr. J. Shagalow

  • Recognizing Learning Challenges: When to refer and how to successfully include children with issues into the classroom 


Y. Vogel-Chair

  • Best Practices-Professional exchanges  


M. Nemanow

  • Using New Technology to Enhance the Learning Process


A. Leiblich

  • Basic Personal Finance: What every educator should know


M. Kline, Coordinator

  • Debating the Educational Issues of the Day


Rabbi S. Kaplan

  • Developing Ahavas Torah


  • Involving Parents in the Education Process


The complete schedule of the conference is coming soon.