The new Chabad educational association, Association of Chabad Professional Educational Leaders (ACPEL) was created as an affiliate of the Merkos Chinuch Office, to function as an independent association, partially funded by the Chinuch Office. The ACPEL mission Statement reads: The mission of ACPEL is to improve student learning by creating effective educational leaders.
ACPEL Goals:
To create support for educational leaders through-
- Organization of a robust mentoring program
- Sponsor monthly online webinars
- Create online resources for educators
- Promote professional development academies.
- CPEL will also sponsor professional forums, and conduct school visits.

ACPEL Executive Committee Members Are:
- Rabbi Yossi Chaiton, Portland OR
Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum, Los Angeles, CA
- Yossi Charytan, Montreal
- Sholom Goldstein, Brooklyn NY
- Yaakov Sheinberger, Coral Springs FL
- Avrohom Wolowik, Monsey NY acting as chair.