is a cyber-teacher center that now has almost 10,000 thousand teacher prepared lessons and student activities, catalogued and arranged according to subjects and grades. Chinuchworks’ simple objective: to make easy to use materials available to teachers so that they will be better prepared for their classes.

Chinuchworks has a wide variety of educational materials, such as, worksheets, words/translations, and tests/quizzes. Our Concise search filters divide the material according to grade, skill, level of difficulty, and much more.

Chinuchworks.org makes it possible for a teacher to download and prepare both textually and skills based lessons by making available thousands of well- designed and  carefully edited student activities and is thus changing the situation one teacher at a time. It has the potential of being the most practical, transformative approach to curriculum development and teacher preparedness, in recent years.

Chinuchworks.org now features:

  • Student activities: More than five thousand carefully designed teacher activities on חומש, from בראשית to דברים
  • דברי תורה for teachers: The repertoire of activities includes, specific lesson plans, assessments, and דברי תורה לפרשיות השבוע
  • A Chummash skills hierarchy, developed by the Chinuch Office to identify the myriad of exercises and student centered activities by skill set.