Curriculum Development and Publication

The Merkos Chinuch Office publishes curriculum materials written by and for educators in Chabad schools. This includes curricular outlines in various subjects as well as scope and sequence work.

Summer Chinuch Conferences

During the summer months two education conferences are sponsored for men and women respectively. For 48 hours educators from across the country get together to listen and learn, to participate and discuss in an atmosphere totally dedicated to education
The New Teacher Cyber Center is the most expedient and practical transformative approach to curriculum development and teacher preparedness. When completed it will include:

-An interactive website features a data base and personal curriculum development center for teachers.

-The skills hierarchy which was developed by the Chinuch Office last year will form the core of a central  forum/data-base. Exercises and student centered activities are being developed in conjunction with a skill set program to focus on the cultivation and monitoring of specific skills for independent student learning.

This site will allow teachers in all schools access to a wealth of teaching material, for example, class work, exercises, homework, tests, teaching tips, etc. and thus assist them in their class preparation by generating plans activities and assessment tools.
Some of the features in progress of development, which will   make the site invaluable to teachers:

Toolbox: A place where teachers can go to view/download all class related material.

Library: This feature contains suggested reading for teachers and exclusive material for their personal edification

My Students: this is a page within the “my classroom” feature. It will depict a classroom layout in which each desk represents a student account.

Confidential Teacher Consultant: This is a private chat room which teachers can access to consult experienced teaching/psychological professionals regarding sensitive issues or personal advice and mentoring.

Teacher exchange: provides a forum for education discussion and professional interaction It will soon contain articles, audio lectures, videos, and other information pertaining to Jewish education.