Win a $3,800 scholarship!

The Merkos Chinuch, which pioneered a number of alternative admission processes to Masters degree programs has teamed with TEAM to offer a greater variety of such processes with a number of prestigious colleges.

 T.E.A.M. Education, a New York based organization whichB - TEAM 7 x 10.jpgtakes an innovative approach towards higher education in the Jewish community now provides students the opportunity to earn Masters in Business (M.B.A.) and Masters in General Education.  

 T.E.A.M. is now offering an additional guaranteed $3,800 scholarship towards its General Education Masters & M.B.A. Degree programs. Part is done online and part is in the classroom. All classes are separate for men and women and can be done via distance learning.

 For the Accredited M.B.A. Business program, Yeshiva Rabbinic Degree holders can enter with their Rabbinic or Talmudic B.A.’s or B.T.L’s. No other prerequisite courses are required. A $3,800 scholarship is guaranteed for the M.B.A. Business Degree which offers a choice of 6 specializations and concentrations to choose from. With the extra reduction, the total cost for the M.B.A. is $7,000.00. In addition, financial aid is also available. The program can be completed in 13-15 months.

C - TEAM 7 x 10.jpgT.E.A.M. offers a separate M.S. Education program (M.S. Ed) that students can enter with their Yeshiva or Traditional Degrees and the total cost for the Education Degree is also $7,000 after the $3,800 scholarship.   

The total cost is approximately $10,800 BEFORE the instant $3,800 which brings the total tuition cost to $7,000 and it is paid class by class with no up front costs.

 All T.E.A.M. education programs are 100% accredited and are available via distance learning while some offer a mix of distance and traditional classroom settings. The classroom settings are always offered at flexible times and locations in Queens, Brooklyn, and N.J.   The distance component can be done from any location.  

 After soon as students take the initial step and call or register online, a personal T.E.A.M. advisor personally guides them on the fast-track and efficient application/preparation process. T.E.A.M. understands our community and the workplace. T.E.A.M. students are supported all the way as they embark towards a new academic direction. 

 At T.E.A.M.,  every student is cared for and supported from start to finish. T.E.A.M. alumni attest to through our referral system and comments/contacts web area.   Student feedback is always posted on the main TEAM site at The office can be contacted from 9:00am – 6:00pm at (347) 560 - TEAM.

 A Jewish degree in Talmudic Law or a Rabbinics coupled with a Masters in Business (M.B.A.) or (M.S. Ed) can be “the ticket for many of our young, aspiring giants to land that first opportunity which will take him or her to the next level.”

 Students can read more about the program online at www.GoTeamEd.comor call
(347) 560 - TEAM.