Kinus 2014 official picture

By COLLive reporter

Kinus Hamechanchim is back!

The annual conference of Chabad educators and teachers in North America will be once again convening this summer, Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, Director of the Merkos Chinuch Office has announced.

Coordinating it is the Association of Chabad Professional Education Leaders (ACPEL), a division of the Merkos Chinuch Office.

Tentatively set to take place at the end of the month of Tammuz 5778 (early July 2018), the conference for male principals and teachers will be held at the beautiful Crown Plaza in Denbury, Connecticut.

The Kinus will be chaired by Rabbi Avrohom Wolowik, Director of Cheder Chabad of Baltimore, and by Rabbi Yossi Chaiton of Maimonides Jewish Day School of Portland, Oregon.

The news is a welcome development for after the conference ceased to exist 3 years ago due to financial constraints. Teachers have since urged the organizers to try to relaunch the conference to give them a chance to expand their skills and knowledge.

''In recognition of the value of the work that the Chinuch Office does, a generous donor has stepped up to with resources for the Chinuch Office, among the many projects is the Kinus Hamechanchim.'' Rabbi Wolowik said.

He said that plans are to provide an enhanced program, ''the most extensive program yet,'' that will discuss pertinent issues such as installing true yiras shamayim, the difference of Chassidishe Chinuch, encouraging students to love learning, creating an atmosphere of encouragement while accepting differences, and the know-how of testing.

This year's conference will also include special sessions for Chabad principals all over the U.S. and Europe and a panel on the Rebbe's answers to Chinuch, many newly released.

Over the last two months, the committee has tirelessly worked with a group of leading professionals to discuss ways to improve pedagogy and classroom management.

''In this year's conference, we hope to deal with all the major challenges facing our children's education world-wide. I want to thank a dedicated group of people who put in hundreds of hours into planning this event.'' Rabbi Wolowik said.

A separate notice will be made regarding future plans for a Kinus Hamechanchos - conference for female principals and educators.